“When your grandfather made the ultimate sacrifice for our country…and your father was in the first jet squadron the United States ever had…joining the Ranger Battalion at Clemson wasn’t even a thought and paved the way for a successful business career…..when you want to give back to those that give so much more every day…What do you do?”

Dan Leon – Founder and President of Hero Associates

  • It started with an organization designed to meet the needs of the 32 million Americans who protect and serve us. After a year the entrepreneurial spirit took hold and Hero Energy Shot was born! This created ongoing support without having to depend solely on other companies.
  • Hero Energy Shot honors the 32 million Americans that put on a uniform every day, putting their lives in harm’s way to help keep us safe.  These are our heroes.
  • A portion of proceeds from every purchase is given back to nonprofit organizations that support the military, police, firefighters and EMT’s.

Hero Energy Shot is distributed by Hero Associates, LLC.